What information can I put on a custom Polaroid film border?

The technology of instant photography is not dead. Nowadays they are an excellent way to advertise with an original touch. However, many businesses do not take advantage of the custom Polaroid film border in an optimal way. If you only put your logo and the colors of your business, you will not make a relevant impact on your customers. An alternative is to include additional information. Perhaps coupons, interesting phrases, discounts or information about your business. Another good option is to use a QR code. If you use a QR code in the instant picture frame you can include all the information you need. Modern technology allows you to include your logo inside the QR code, making the picture much more corporate.

How to make the most of the QR code?

A QR code is capable of storing between 4000 and 7000 characters of letters and numbers. You could include anything from a web address to an article. But keep in mind the purpose of the QR code. You can include several QR codes in the same custom Polaroid film border. Ideally, use just one and use it to take your customer to the next level. Whether you want to take them to a web page or show them data such as the address, the information contained has to be relevant. If your customer discovers information out of place, they simply won't be willing to move on. With the instant picture frame you captivate the customer and with the QR code you make them take action.

Use challenges in the instant picture frame and create a collectible project

Imagine giving your customers the possibility to create a collection of pictures. These are not just simple photos. By using challenges, your customers will have a series of pictures that they can collect. Think of using the custom Polaroid film border with challenge based designs. For example, drink a specific cocktail if you have a bar or eat a certain dish if you have a restaurant. Participate in a karaoke alone or together with a stranger. The possibilities will depend on your type of business and creativity. You can even create an album where your customers will paste each instant picture frame until it is complete. This will give your customers a reason to visit your business, increase your sales and make you stand out from the competition.

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